CocoFlex ET-FGM

Proven 2-year protection from a superior hydraulic application.

CocoFlex™ Extended Term-Flexible Growth Medium (ET-FGM) surpasses the functional longevity of Flexterra® HP-FGM™ by 6 months, offering the same superiority over turf establishment blankets and Bonded Fiber Matrices (BFMs)—with the same speed and cost-savings of hydraulic application.

  • Nearly 100 times less soil loss per acre than alternative products
  • Grows grass twice as fast as blankets
  • Effective upon application and up to 2 years later


 Test MethodEnglishSI
Cover Factor2 (6 in/hr event)ASTM D710110.010.01
% Effectiveness3ASTM D7101199%99%
Cover Factor2 (5 in/hr event)Large Scale40.00010.0001
% Effectiveness3Large Scale4>99.99%>99.99%
Shear StressASTM D720711.6 lb/ft277 Pa
Vegetation EstablishmentASTM D73221511%511%
  1. ASTM test methods developed for Rolled Erosion Control Products and have been modified to accommodate hydraulically applied erosion control products.
  2. Cover Factor is calculated as soil loss ratio of treated surface versus an untreated control surface.
  3. % Effectiveness = One minus Cover Factor multiplied by 100%.
  4. Large scale testing conducted at Utah Water Research facility using rainfall simulator on 2.5H:1V slope, sandy-loam soil, at a rate of 5" per hour for a duration of 60 minutes.